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Ariana Grande - breathin

katma 7 Nov 2018
sweetener out now
i love you
breathin’ (visual)
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Fuliane Petikyan & Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Anne Laure Dhooghe
For London Alley
Music video by Ariana Grande performing breathin. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • 💋😘✌

  • 0:50


  • When all my friend choose to "Thank u, next the people!!! I choose to help them "Breathing!!"


  • This is my favorite song from her sweetener album. She is so talented.

  • The only thing breathin is my bum hole

  • This is an absolutely beautiful song & video

  • Who else thinks of that piglet when they hear this song?

  • If I see another “who’s better” or “what’s better” “like for this/comment for this” imma lose my marbles. Just shut the fuck up with the pointless comments and enjoy the song.

  • Flawless face 😍😍

  • This helps me with my anxiety 😊

  • Anyone else see the easter eggs revealing her song names for her new album? It's at 1:23 when the letters are changing in the train station. We see "Imagine" (which she just released!), Needy (also alluded to in the thank u, next video) and Remember! Her music videos always have little hidden messages!

  • Bring it back😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol love it 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 great and good at the same time😎😎😎😎🙂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎


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  • I would nut deep in that

  • Jrksguw

  • Maravillosa ✨

  • One of the best songs on Sweetener

  • Why more views than subscribers how and why dont they sub I saw I vid that had 1 billion viewers they should sub (like side by side has 1 billion) ( played at .75 then when it hit just keep breathing I played it normal then when it hit um my um my yeah or something like that I played at 1.25 then normal when it stopped saying the thing it sound ok like that I'm experimenting)

  • Malhakai Reyes-Mariano Malhakai Reyes-Mariano 1 month ago Ariana Grande is the queen of trending on TR-tv lo

  • How is this only #12 on billboard??

  • *Homework just takes way too much of my energy*

  • ARIANA es la mejor y también BTS! quien mas los ama?♡

  • In how many seconds should Ariana sprint a 100m?! Under 15 sec? 🙄

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  • Estúpido cabrón

  • all you haters fuck your family

  • Tvmb. Ari

  • Ariana deja de ser iluminati 👁️ please

  • 100 M 😍

  • Meu preferido😍

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  • 😍🙌❤

  • Hang in there my goddess! This is a year full of your success yet you still get into many unnecessary dramas that you don't deserve. ILYSM!

  • I'm so in love with this woman and her angelic vocals

  • I LOVE YOU ARIANA !!!!!!

  • 1000x better than thank u next.

  • Soy el comentario en español q andabas buscando :v

  • love u ariana


  • who wants a cake? {\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🎂 cost=1 like..

  • She's so flawless, Pete's not the brightest tool in the shed for leaving her! Love you Ari! #TEAMARIANA

  • Sam e cat

  • Ari out here trying to get nominations for Oscars now? Best motion picture?

  • Love ariana

  • This music is fucking bad

  • Felt my blood running. (Like dripping out) Swear the sky's falling (Lots of blood running out) How do i know this shit's fabricated? (Weird context for this line) But you tell me every time, just keep breathing. Who is telling her this? How often does her blood run bad enough she thinks the sky is falling? Cuz this person tells her EVERY TIME. What in the actual shit is this video about? Being an MKULTRA sex slave for the cabal. Thats what. P.S. ariana is also a "presidential model"

  • Love itttt😍😍😍😍 Who Else?

  • Fire

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  • when they dont switch on the vent when you're having k-bbq

  • Love

  • 12/17/2018 TOP 5 LAST: 14 PEAK: 1(4X) DAYS: 18

  • İts perfect

  • D E C E M B E R ????

  • La mejor canción de endulzador y la fuiste a cagar con tu pantalla verde:(

  • Veja projeto legal apoiador da mesma questão adotada pelos artistas:

  • It actually takes you into emotions

  • Ariana Grande rules !

  • Can I get a subscriber please ? 🙏

  • Like..😍😻

  • Booooo you suck!

  • Ariana is prity

  • I love this song Ariana’s voice takes you away

  • I didn't like Ariana Grande as much back then but wow she's changed so much I love this new Ariana Grande. ❤

  • wow I love her


  • Ariana. You don't know how much you inspire me. You have helped me so much through really tough situations that include crying and complete breakdowns. Sometimes I put one of your songs on and I relax. I love you! You are my idol. This song especially makes me feel better and I can calm down. ☺️☺️☺️ Love u ariiiii!!!!!!

  • New music ? : Needy or remember

  • No hay necesidad de buscar otra cantante Favorita está es unica, hermosas, talentosa es una Reina😍❤️💞💝 Thank U Next 💋

  • This song saved my life , thankyou .

  • Song* sorry

  • Nice sing my girl 😄

  • Ariana Grande - Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj

  • Eres reptiliana

  • yaaall i just realised she dropped hints about the thank u, next album in this mv... im so stupid

  • When you giving birth.. You: pain...! Doctor Ariana: Just keep breathin'

  • 😕😕😕

  • En un concierto que fue canta regular

  • Tiene mucho arreglo de voz

  • I’m cryin this is so meaning full 🥰🥰

  • The legend says that Ariana is still breathing... Wonder if it’s true.


  • "Just keep breathing" she will make an awesome surfer..

  • *Ariana makes me breathe hard in this videi. Cute, talented and sexy*

  • every time i hear this song i cry

  • when is there a concert?

  • See that pony tail on top of her head ..I’d love to wrap it around my fist and force my tongue in her ear hole!....LEAVE A COMMENT if i have taken this too far....---- ;)= OR ... just LIKE it if this is Acceptable...

  • Ariana ❤❤❤

  • Dang she is smoking sexy

  • l love it omg has voies

  • « Just keep breathin and breathin and breathin... » = (in reverse) «Love u and love u and love u pete »

  • Ariana grande ❤️❤️

  • Madonna Ray of light Ariana - Breathing

  • I love Ariana grande music!!!!!!!

  • Soy el comentario en español que buscabas y te tengo una pregunta ¿Ariana con los labios normales o pintados? Like:Normales Comentario:Pintado

  • just keep breathin and breathin.......... how can i breath after this song ??????