250,000 Dominoes - The Incredible Science Machine: GAME ON!

katma 12 Aug 2017
250,000 Dominoes were toppled at Zeal Credit Union's Incredible Science Machine: Game On! This event features 3 new US domino records: largest domino field, largest domino structure, and largest overall domino project in America. 19 builders from 5 countries spent 7 days (over 1,200 combined hours) building the Incredible Science Machine. Watch our past ISM events! ► bit.ly/ISMfalldowns Behind the Scenes! ► tr-tv.net/tv/video-sSP-UurC_v0.html
This games themed domino setup was designed by professional domino/chain reaction artists Steve Price & Lily Hevesh. We organize and design custom domino projects for live events, commercials, and TV shows. Contact us at spricemachines@gmail.com and hevesh5@gmail.com for business inquiries or if you would like to sponsor our next event.
Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible:
● Zeal Credit Union: zealcreditunion.org/
● Smarter Every Day: www.smartereveryday.com/
● K'nex: knex.com
● Trix Track: www.wonderworldtoy.com/product-category/trix-track/
● US Domino Field Record (12,450 dominoes)
● US Domino Structure Record (12,780 dominoes)
● US Domino Record (245,732 dominoes)
Steve Price - Sprice Machines - tr-tv.net/username-thesprice17
Lily Hevesh - Hevesh5 - tr-tv.net/username-hevesh5
Lyle Broughton - jackofallspades98 - tr-tv.net/username-jackofallspades98
Nathan Heck - SuperMarMarMan1 - tr-tv.net/username-supermarmarman1
Joel Yantha - TheInvention11 - tr-tv.net/username-theinvention11
Alex Huang - Flashdomino - tr-tv.net/username-flashdomino
Mark Robbins - DoodleChaos - tr-tv.net/username-doodlechaos
Brady Dolan - BPDoles - tr-tv.net/username-bpdoles
Chase Blanchette - TheRGMGuy01 - tr-tv.net/username-thergmguy01
Hayden Russell - Dynamic Domino - tr-tv.net/ch/UCn551amAW5JL25RYNgT3qYA
Evan Voeltner - E VoltageRGMs - tr-tv.net/ch/UCa2St8T8sQ7d1aj_bjrsImg
Marcel Pürrer - Austrian Domino Art - tr-tv.net/username-Dominoday111
Tim Dunsmore - DrComplicated - tr-tv.net/username-drcomplicated
Alexandra Benz - DominoERDMANN - tr-tv.net/username-dominoerdmann
Michael Fantauzzo - StickTrickDominoDude - tr-tv.net/username-sticktrickdominodude
Sascha Wilzewski - DominoFan0803 - tr-tv.net/username-dominofan0803
Joseph Naberhaus - jdman1699 - tr-tv.net/username-jdman1699
Joel Dähler - Smileypeacefun - tr-tv.net/username-smileypeacefun
Chris Wright - xXDominoMasterXx - tr-tv.net/username-xxdominomasterxx
Music: Avenza - "Game On" - tr-tv.net/tv/video-8ih9lSnLqf8.html
● soundcloud.com/avenza
● twitter.com/AvenzaOfficial


  • So excited to release our BEST DOMINO EVENT YET including 3 new American domino records!! What was your favorite project?? :) Also, be sure to watch our past ISM events (bit.ly/ISMfalldowns) and behind the scenes too! tr-tv.net/tv/video-sSP-UurC_v0.html

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  • This is actually incredible can’t believe I’m only seeing this now

  • I don't domino and I'm sure there are plenty of technical things going on that you don't catch but that Donkey Kong was an impressive feat to pull off, keeping all those lines so straight so as not to disrupt the line next to it. Or would that not happen due to the way the lines are toppled in a staggered manner? Anyway, it looked so cool that I had to rewatch it to work out what just happened!

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  • I swear to god my first thought when I saw the mouse trap game is "wow they put a mousetrap game in the middle of this elaborate of a setup? I never got mine to work. :56 BWAHAHAHAHA guess they didn't either."

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  • I cant believe that was only 250,000 dominos it seemed alot more

  • The best one was definetely the faultboy

  • Some people have way to much time it's actually a joke. Edit: good job on beating the record though I suppose.

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  • It was sad seeing all the domino's that didn't get knocked over... Well congratulations anyway on a new record! Liked! 😘

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  • I can appreciate people who do cool weird stuff like this. May not be the most trendy hobby & they might get teased for it but this much cooler than a bunch of macho guys sitting around, hitting on girls, smoking & proclaiming that they have money on Instagram. Or girls who believe they're the greatest thing on planet earth & feel they should be respected & worshipped when they don't even respect themselves since they present their bodies for likes. All that ranting just to say the builders are really awesome to stay committed to something so time consuming & tedious. They actually worked hard for this unlike most millennials (I'm speaking as if I'm not a millennial 😂) & the hard work payed off. This was really cool.

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  • tr-tv.net/tv/video-2gDs_BwDQyQ.html&feature=youtu.be

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  • Hello hevesh5, after i watched a video from You, i started to build with dominoes, but my question is; where can i get the dominoes You use?

  • 1:19 Proof buildings implode from the bottom down, not Top down. 9/11 was not an inside job.

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  • 250,000 subscribers

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  • It's sad to know some dominoes didn't fall over

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  • wel you said "19 builders from 5 countries spent 7 days (over 1,200 combined hours) building the Incredible Science Machine" really i mean Literally 1200 hours in seven days .......man they must have a payoff!!!!!!!!!

  • I Hope 00:57 didn't worked at all and so in 2:18 ,created the whole mess but still awesome, the most beautyful was the Dominos part they have to calculate every possible shots the ball can hit to make it home(creator may have their fingers crossed at this time😉😉😉😉) what do you guys think..?

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