10 Years of iPhones | iJustine

katma 10 Jan 2017
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  • sorry, that first shot was from a few days ago.. meant to type 2017 not 2007 lol

  • 9:39 FIX DEM BROWS

  • I’m her now with the iPhone 5s and getting the 6 plus And seeing a 7 year old with a XS max

  • I remember when my mum was one of the first people to get the iPhone 5 whoooooooo she was excited!!!!!

  • 9:03 is the emojis not on iPhones?

  • The iphone xs max came out on my brithday and i really want one so i am saving up for one but up to 900 dollars 😢😭 please respond and could you please @iJustine tell me what i should do😇😊

  • ijustine you no more epic, but now legendary.

  • 11:46 where it al began

  • History!

  • I think in the future there will be like iphone 2X or Iphone X Plus

  • 7:41 till to 7:45,is my favourite part. 😂😂

  • In 2007 I was 7 with a track phone. Tf? 🤔😂

  • You're a total tech babe, Justine. Keep doing you.

  • those old days people be like "OMG THE IPHONE CAMEE OUT!!!!" today if they're parents said "guess what your getting the first iPhone!" its a punishment

  • My first phone is the iPhone 4s I now have the iPhone SE

  • 7:42 haha

  • Omg my friend has this teacher and she got a new phone and she lost it *turns out* Her *teacher left her phone in the WASHER* wow i mean like wth 😂 ANOTHHHERRRRRR ONE *She was doing her work and when we went out for lunch she accidentally threw her phone in the trash with other papers LOL*


  • 12:33 is 😞

  • I think you should make a video showing exactly how many Apple products you actually have accumulated over the years 👊🏻👊🏻

  • This video was published the day after my birthday ☺

  • How does she buy so mannyyyyyyy

  • I Grow up With Apple Products then Samsung then apple then samsung, apple then today curre tly Apple and Huawei🤙

  • 1:38 Justine it says January 2007

  • Don't miss her next video when she attends the next Apple Keynote and sucks Tim Cook"s iCock right on the stage, as he makes his presentation.

  • 3:15 "Its bigger Nigger" why would she include that part? Or is he saying something else?

  • You can buy samsung note 9 1terabyte for cheaper than that ceappy iphone x wich most of the things have ben put to samsung alot time ago and i phone still doesent have nfc so yea

  • There is a beter phone than iphone its htc.huawei.xiaomi.samsung etc alot more outhere so ye im just saying iphone is a crap phone

  • 10:18 wth 😂😂😂😂

  • Not to be mean it’s so cringy

  • Your the best you tuber!

  • Why is she calling the iPhone the iPad mini

  • I Justine I was born one day before the first iPhone was made !

  • I have been watching since 2013 I'm 11

  • Not trying to be mean but you were kind of a weirdo in the past

  • This was like going back to normal.

  • 10:25 what is that app called?

  • they went from 8 to 10 wheres 9?

  • the emoji part tho

  • Bad since 2007😍😍😍😍

  • “Hey Siri, are you better then you are before” 😂

  • She looks the same

  • 3:34 that's a huge Apple store

  • Im Lucky I don’t remember the 2000’s that well.

  • You got your first iPhone when I wasn’t even born

  • You skipped the se. And when i saw joey i started screaming his name

  • The old Instagram logo tho 5:40

  • She's so fine

  • 2:35 I didnt think you could get any more gorgeous but when you ise glasses you look amazong.

  • I remember when the iPhone first came out I was 8 years old but I ain’t get an iPhone until 3 years ago I had the 4 lol

  • Love how enthusiastic and exited you always are! I started my iPhone experience with the iPhone 5 in 2012, which was my first ever smartphone when I was 14 years old and love my iPhones ever since. The fact of what a journey it‘s been for you on the other hand is just amazing!

  • My first iphone was the 3 when it went to verizon. I wanted one before that but I didn't really need it, kinda didn't need the 3, but had to have it. Been addicted since

  • Ahh ten years of videos

  • Why was the first iPhone praised by people in a glass box like it was Taylor swift😜

  • _Haha it’s so long ago that if seen this here At Year 5078 We have the iphone Air 8000_

  • Lmao, you looked like Brittney Spears when you first started making videos of iPhones

  • 11 years and 5M

  • I have the iPhone se and it’s 2018

  • I was born in 2007 lol

  • Cooool

  • wtf the siri turned on my homepod lmao

  • You don't seem to get older just younger

  • Justine was so hot in 2008

  • her eyes in 10:13 😂😂


  • Holy crap you’ve been doing TR-tv even before I was born all that hard work has paid off great job👍

  • Android is better and now Apple fans will hate on me now right?

  • Can you give me an iPhone 6 Plus please! 😇😇

  • You put 2007 for 2017

  • I'm getting an old phone from my dad it's an iPhone 5s yayyay

  • 4:10 Joey Graceffa?

  • Luv ur vids ur awesome

  • U looked like a old woman back in 2008 (no offense)

  • The eyebrow progression was legit lol

  • watching this video i now know the first iphone came out the year i graduated high school WOW i feel old xD and now i'll officially begin my 30's this december wild anyway fun video justine :)

  • Eyebrow evolution

  • what happened to the iphone 5c

  • Please do an Apple haul

  • Oh man You can see her hair transformation too

  • I was two when the first iPhone ever came out lmao

  • Damn 😏😏

  • I couldn’t of been here from the start I’m 9

  • Her names Justine Ezarick

  • Y u no sent me phoneee!!!


  • I have a iphone 10

  • How crazy you are😂

  • I've been there since the beginning....literally I was born in 2007

  • the 2008 eyebrows have me crying🤣

  • I phone 3GS , good old times 😅

  • I can’t believe this is the first iJustine video I watched!!

  • 7:04 did anyone else’s “Hey Siri” come on 😂😂😂

  • 2:43 iJustine speaks English with a British accent


  • 1:38 you mean January 2017? Not 2007

  • TURN ON EMOJI??!! I was only 6 then so i didnt have a phone but there were no emojie back then? WHAT??!!

  • Love ur vids

  • Omg love this !! 💖💖✨💕❤️

  • More like 10 years of iJustine! You've changed so much!

  • 3:26