$1 Street Food Around The World

katma 13 Sep 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • Malaysia


  • Please try Filipino street food

  • Can I do Cambodia

  • ¡¡¡Ahuevo si le pusieron guajolota!!!

  • I thought the porro was a churro.

  • Malaysia

  • “Porra” in my country literally means sperm... I don’t think I would be mature enough to not laugh in the face of the lady that was selling those lol

  • Malaysia street food plz

  • You should do Vietnam because Vietnam has the most delicious and cheapest street food! Of course, $1 only!

  • We can get pav bhaji at Rs 50

  • Here in the netherlands you can't buy anything for 1 euro 😂

  • This proves that street foods taste 10000000000x better then a 5 star restaurant

  • e no Brasil, não compra nada com 1 REAL...

  • UK and German food pls and Hong Kong food pls

  • Mubai x zelda

  • You need to taste the quesillo from nicaragua

  • On video:mmm! Yummy Off camera: you really owe me, that tasted like poo

  • In Brunei, you can buy a 'nasi katok' which is rice,sauce and chicken for $1

  • Do Venezuela

  • Aqui no Brasil com um dólar nós compramos um carro e um seguro de vida ENTENDEDORES ENTENDERÃO

  • You can get chicken with rice and soup in malaysia.

  • 4:05 Wtf he washed his hand in there and used the water

  • Australia

  • Nada mejor que una Guajolota mañanera

  • Her voice is beautiful

  • I'm PHILLIPINES you can buy any streets food you want😀.

  • Annnnnd in australia, nothing will buy you $1

  • For 1 dollar in Brunei you can get a basic version of Nasi Lemak called Nasi Katok, minus the coconut rice (it’s normal rice instead), anchovies and peanuts.

  • In México those aren't 12 pesos it's more than that it looks like 16 pesos or more

  • in indonesia, you'll get a dish of nasi padang..

  • Do the Philippines and Korea next,im half Korean half Filipino

  • Indian food is so battery

  • Dubai I didn’t eat from Dubai do yah please

  • try malaysian food

  • Anyone else bugged how the Indian just used bare hands on the bread

  • Mm... I'm so hungry now.

  • In indonesia 1 USD you could get a big size doner kebab. Thank you mr.President

  • In American What can I buy with a dollar A hot dog In India What can I get with 100 rupee A meal with bread

  • No tax?

  • Indonesia Street Food please!

  • 3:27 omg these are so good I tried this u can even buy then in Pennsylvania


  • Canada

  • the girl in spain is not even from there wtf

  • Ya girls flying to India now😜

  • 4:00 "So...I take all those ingredients, one by one, and form a pretty meal *AND THEN I STOMP IT TO DEATH!!!!!"*

  • Go to Egypt with $1 can have lunch and feast

  • north korea =)))

  • Lol i love international food but something about someone grabbing your food with out gloves on would be a major turn off haha Food still looked delicious

  • Baleadas from Honduras, i could do the video ,tu price vary but is often 0.60 of a dollar

  • The ending though 🤣🤣🤣



  • the netherlands!!


  • do in algeria plz

  • In russia For $1 you can get shot twice

  • In canada you can probably buy a chocolate bar, but that's only before taxes

  • I don't know much about others States in India how much food options you get within 100 rupees but in Kolkata you can get loads of food options within 100 rupees .West Bengal food prices are the cheapest compared to rest of India.😊

  • Something I can buy.

  • Ew, the way he basically wiped the pan with that bread D:

  • Brasil: Coxinha :)

  • Nếu tới việt Nam ăn bánh mì chỉ 0.4usd

  • Where is vietnam

  • *you*

  • Saudi Arabia jeddah♡

  • Does the UK have $1 street food?

  • korean!!

  • Im from and in mexico and didnt know what the 1 dollar food from mexico was xD

  • Try to get streetfood for one Dollar in germany 😄🙈

  • Meanwhile in Switzerland the water is about 5 or so bucks XD

  • from Morocco please

  • Totally loved the video! Thanks! Just one thing.. in Spain, it is PORRA what you eat. PORRO means JOINT xD

  • In spain Porra=churro Porro=joint Buy porros in spain jajajaja

  • that reaction 2:34

  • UK roll and square sausage

  • It's not "porro", omg, it's "porra".. porro means joint xD

  • Damn that indian one is pretty intricate. I think you might end up shitting your pants after eating that.

  • Why is his dirty thumb on my hot dog bun? India is my next vacation spot, just for the street food. All of these $1 food s were very filling.

  • 3:46 jajajajaja PORRO dice xDDD

  • Switzerland/Norway/Other absurdly wealthy countries: A single piece of gum. Yummy. So... Minty.

  • Serbia?

  • Did that indian guy just clean the stove with the bread and then serve it to that guy😥

  • In Serbia for 2 dollars you can have a big burger and for 1.60 dollars you can have a big pancake with literally whatever you want

  • ahahahaha en Madrid venden porros por un euro XD

  • A man who never eats pork buns is never a whole man!

  • Can y’all do Cambodia street food pleaseee

  • wheres Canada?

  • in sweden you get nothing at all outside if you want anything else than a hamburger on mc donalds

  • Man: Ketchup, mustard ? Woman: Yes

  • Greek street food🇬🇷

  • Can you do Philippines

  • Sandwiched in between two breads aka a sandwich

  • Where is czech republik and Slovakia?

  • Chocolate y churros! We had those in Spanish class shame it wasn’t in this!

  • So... The Spanish one is called porra, not porro. Porro actually refers to a joint 😂😂.

  • In indonesia u can buy 7 indomies

  • Tasty

  • In iceland u get 1 chupa chups